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Every rug needs a rug pad, it's a must-have item if you want to avoid your rug from moving or curling up. But, a rug pad is not just for aesthetics. It also provides better cushioning and helps to prevent tripping hazards. In fact, the list of benefits goes on and on - which is why every rug needs a rug pad. When you decide to use one, don't compromise on quality. The Luxehold brand by Oriental Weavers is a great choice, as is Under it All. We sell the best rug pad brands and guarantee their quality. We even offer to cut them to your desired size. Whether you need an 8x10 rug pad, 9x12 rug pad, or an area rug pad, we have you covered. If you have hardwood floors, it's especially important to choose the best rug pad for them, because you'll also enjoy the benefits of having a non-slip rug pad too.