Amber Lewis Rugs: A perfect addition to your home

Amber Lewis Rugs: A perfect addition to your home

Atlanta Designer Rugs is thrilled to bring the latest, most stylish trends right into your home with its newest designer collection: rugs from Amber Lewis. Known for her signature mix of modern and vintage elements blended together in bold patterns and natural materials, each one-of-a-kind rug has been carefully handwoven by expert artisans in India. Transform any room into a statement piece - incorporate an Amber Lewis Rug today!. When you buy this collection you are buying a rug from a renowned interior designer

With her signature blend of vintage and modern styles, Amber Lewis has truly taken the rug world by storm. We are so proud to offer customers their very own piece from this multifaceted designer's collections here at Atlanta Designer Rugs! Whether you choose a bold pattern or something more modest - hand-woven in India for an extra special touch - one thing is guaranteed: your space will be transformed with elegance and personality when you add an Amber Lewis Rug into it. Get ready for style envy that won't quit!

Atlanta Designer Rugs is your go-to destination for a wide range of designer rugs to fit any taste and budget. Our carefully curated selection from well-known brands such as Oriental Weavers, Kas, Nourison, Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines & Karastan includes the newest styles and trends so you can always find something special! Plus our friendly staff are on hand to answer questions or suggest options - just visit us at Atlanta Designer Rugs today and fall in love with the latest addition Amber Lewis rugs!.

An Amber Lewis x Loloi Rug Saves The Day

We walked about 2 months without carpet and we grew impatient. So I discovered Amber Lewis at random and cancelled our second order. It arrived three days after I ordered (yet another three days!!). It was amazing,

I had forgotten everything about the original rug that had been ordered. I didn't regret it. Is that ivory carpet a good idea for me to use?

The Material

In the past, we have been a bit skeptical towards the wool rugs, but what do we think is behind the trend? It was made from 100% polyester and was so soft.

The Rug Saga

During the restoration of our wooden floor, we were left with the strangely-shaped pines in the middle. My original plan was to get a brand new rug in the room. I tossed myself recklessly into an incredibly dark hole in online shopping (perhaps the most difficult sort of shopping in all of our lives??).

In addition, I had other requirements: I checked out all the options for the rug at every large Internet retailer, but eventually settled on the one I wanted. Is there any way I can tell it's mostly ivory and my cat and my children live here?

Shop the Brand: Amber Lewis x Loloi

Amber Lewis Loloi carpets cost typically less and are made of great materials with great craftsmanship, Most rugs are made in Turkey. Machinemade rugs require less care and these products last long time in your home.

There are several collections to choose from with each collection having four to five designs in fashion colors and are easy to decorate with modern and traditional textiles and leather upholstery en vouge.    ​​​​​​

A Review of Our Amber Lewis x Loloi Area Rug

I recently got a rug from Amber Lewis and a Loloi rug. The two month stay makes this rug probably my favorite rug in our house!


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